About us

Diemme Services offers services from professionals who have long been employed in the sector, expert, discreet and reliable.

Our company is aimed at anyone who needs transport services with a driver; preferring to the usual means like taxi, a qualitatively superior service maintaining a more competitive cost. Even if you are a company, hotel or private customer taking advantage of our services, you will have available professional drivers elegantly dressed and recent vehicles, regularly checked and insured with top ceilings of the category. Our rates do not depend on the traffic and will be the car waiting for you at the airport.

Excursions, long transfers, evening dinners, shopping, city tours, airport transfers, will no longer be source of discomfort having available a driver who will take care for you to drive in traffic and find a parking space. Thanks to our minivans we can transport together a number of people who would not fit in a traditional car allowing you to optimize costs and keep the group of travelers together.